Aero Propeller Is Closing Their Doors

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We here at WAPA are sure you have heard that the owners of Aero Propeller have decided to close their doors after 40+ years in the propeller industry. Russ Kessinger, longtime WAPA member, director and supporter, was as surprised as any of us. During Russ’ tenure with Aero Propeller they were never satisfied with simply an airworthy product – the Aero Propeller team with Russ in the left seat generated products with pride, integrity and always far exceeded industry minimums.

Russ sent WAPA a brief email to express his thanks to the entire propeller family of shops, manufacturers and suppliers for the lifetime of really wonderful memories. Russ plans to explore other options for opening a propeller shop in the upcoming months. Russ’ plan is to maintain the experience and stay local to the Denver Area. Good luck, Russ, we know you will build a great shop! If you want to talk with Russ or discuss where he’s headed maybe drop him a note at ten.knilyrutnec@753regnissekssur. Please delete his former email as that is no longer in service and not forwarded.

Aero Propeller’s former owners, the Howard Family, have plans that do not include a presence in the prop industry so we wish them well in their future endeavors. All business owners make the decisions that suit the future they envision. We are saddened that a longtime family of employees were divided so abruptly. Nostalgically, we all recall an era in America when employees were more than a cost on accounting records and a mound of benefits to be expensed. Our workers were once characterized as the muscle behind America’s strength. No business could meet deadlines, produce a quality product, provide even the most meager customer service, or manage one single day without a TEAM laboring in the trenches at least eight hours a day, five days a week, fifty-two weeks a year, decade after decade. While this may still be true it is rarely recognized. During challenging times it is easy to forget who is our strength and what we may owe our workforce – the credit they should receive and the thanks that that they are due.

So to Russ and the former family of workers at Aero Propeller we all THANK YOU. Russ – you and your team did a great job over the years, you raised the bar in a tough industry, you sought quality not ease and we are all the better for working with you. We wish you all the best things and we know that regardless of the industry you choose you will have great success!

Brian K Sullivan
2015 WAPA President

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